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The Magic Furl has been developed by Crusader Sails to enable simple, safe and economic furling for cruising chutes, asymmetrics and spinnakers on any point of sailing. This can be achieved from the foredeck or the cockpit if desired. The system can be easily retrofitted to existing sails. The sail will need the addition of a mid-luff grab patch.
System requirements
  • Yacht fitted with standard spinnaker halyard
  • A fixed point a minimum of 350mm in front of the existing forestay on the existing stemhead or bowsprit
 Specification - the system comes in 5 sizes and as standard includes:
  • Stainless steel furling drum with endless furling line
  • Under drum snap shackle
  • Stainless steel head swivel
  • Kevlar torque rope with independent head and tack swivels
  • Grab line and grab patch (grab patch needs to be attached by a competent sailmaker)
  • Extended reefing line for cockpit operation
  • Double blocks with snap shackle head
  • Adjustable tack strop
  • Single or double rope clutches
 Using the Magic Furl
Using the Magic Furl is simple. The system may even be hoisted before setting sail (we strongly do not recommend leaving the system hoisted indefinitely as ultra violet light will damage your sail and higher windspeeds may cause the sail to loosen on the furling system). We recommend that the sheets are left attached to the sail and stowed in the sail bag with your downwind sail and Magic Furl simply coiled down into a standard bag like a large diameter warp (one of the by products of using Magic Furl is greatly reduced stowage space).
  • First attach the bottom furling unit to your chosen tack point
  • Secure the reefing line to avoid the sail unfurling prematurely
  • Attach the spinnaker halyard to the stainless steel swivel and hoist the Magic Furl
  • Tighten the halyard (the system will rotate more freely and efficiently with more tension rather than less)
  • Lead the sheets to the appropriate turning blocks
 To set
Simply uncleat the endless reefing line and tension the appropriate sheet. It may be necessary under some circumstances to encourage the system to unfurl by pulling on the reefing line that comes off of the port side of the drum (Magic Furl unfurls anticlockwise when looking from above).
When the sail sets, make sure that the grab line has sufficient slack to allow the luff to set fairly.
To furl your sail
  • Simply pull on the starboard side of the furling line loop
  • Slacken the sheet progressively as you roll the sail in
  • Wind excess sheet around the sail
  • Lower the halyard and snake the sail into the bag. The sail is now ready for use the next time – it’s Magic!

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Magic Furl

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