• Performance Cruising Sails

as used by Ellen MacArthur's Round Britain Yacht Skandia


  • Ultra high tech woven Dyneema HYDRA NET® sailcloth
  • Bi radial construction for minimum stretch
  • Computer optimized design
  • Race influenced sail design
  • Sewn and glued seams
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Cruising Genoa

  • Padded luff, camber stripes
  • Tell tails at 3 positions, horizontally and vertically
  • Reef reference marks and leech line
  • Low stretch luff tape with high density luff rope
  • Individually computer optimized reinforcement
  • Independent leech and foot tablings encapsulating seam ends
  • Sacrifical UV strip in a choice of colours
  • Sail bag

Cruising Mailsail

  • Reef points with luff ear rings for ease of handling
  • Tell tails and leech line adjustable at luff
  • Camber stripes
  • Double tapes and roped luff for extra strength
  • Seperately reinforced full length batten pockets with round or flat battens
  • Adjustable batten compression
  • Inboard batten box through bolted
  • Choice of low friction compression slides at inboard end
  • Optional ball bearing track car systems
  • Composite or marine grade aluminium headboard with all stainless steel fastenings
  • Sail number and insignia
  • Loose foot and clew slug slide or webbing strop as preferred
  • Sail bag
Made for Malu Marine by Crusader Sails - the UK’s premier sailmaker

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Performance Cruising Sails

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