Malu Marine is the distributor for Kaya Ropes in the Middle East, Levant, Cyprus and Southern Africa

Kaya Ropes manufactures all kinds of ropes for every field where the safety of human life and property is of prime concern, with technical specifications suitable for the site and conditions, standard ropes or ropes made for a specific field, with international quality certification, and having a wide range of construction type and raw materials.

Kaya Ropes uses the most advanced materials and manufacturing technology in production of its technical ropes. The company is a leader in advances in its field in Turkey and has become a recognized and sought-after brand on the international scene.

With one of the most developed machine parks in the world, Kaya Ropes serves customers in many different sectors including leisure marine (ropes for racing, cruising, dinghy, mooring, sailmaker, water sports), commercial marine (mooring lines for ship, tug lines, fishing lines), military operations, outdoor sports, rescue work, civil defence, occupational safety and ropes for special purposes.

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